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Love Yourself: The First Step to a Successful Relationship

Many of us have heard the phrase, “You have to love yourself before you can love someone else.” If you ask someone what it means to love yourself, all you get are one-word, usually vague answers. In a very real, direct, down-to-earth manner, Love Yourself teaches you to learn the attitudes and behaviors that make self-love a reality.

Love Yourself is a guide to developing the skills necessary to increasing your ability to have a successful intimate relationship, including:

  • » Learning how to set better psychological boundaries in life
  • » Improving your self-esteem
  • » Communicating with yourself like you would a lover
  • » Handling your anger in a constructive manner



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Creating the Intimate Connection: The Basics to Emotional Intimacy

Early in his career, Dan discovered that people were never taught how to develop an intimate relationship. We are taught how to read, write, drive, play sports, and use a computer. But nowhere in our society are we taught how to develop or maintain an intimate relationship. Most of us learned from TV shows. Some generations were taught by Ozzie and Harriet Nelson or Ward and June Cleaver. Other generations learned from their favorite soap operas, or maybe The Waltons, Cliff and Clair Huxtable, Roseanne, Friends, or 7th Heaven. We now have Desperate Housewives, The O.C. , and a multitude of reality shows. Almost everyone learns something about intimacy from their parents, but few had the luxury of learning good skills. Most of us have not.

In working with thousands of couples over the past 34 years, Dan heard a common theme from almost everyone: upon committing to a lifelong relationship (marriage, etc.) they were totally unprepared for knowing how to develop and maintain an intimate relationship that lasts a lifetime. Because of his desire to help people, Dan developed a process that enables everyone to create the relationship of their dreams. He delivers information that addresses a major need and fulfills our desire for details on how to have greater fulfillment in an intimate relationship. His passion is to help people; his style is powerful, straightforward, warm, and engaging.


“Nowhere were we ever taught to be good partners; there were no classes in marriage. The only models we had were our parents or family shows on television” – Contra Costa Times

More than Just Sex: A Committed Couples’ Guide to Keeping Relationships Lively, Intimate, and Gratifying (First Edition)

More than Just Sex: A Committed Couples’ Guide to Keeping Relationships Lively, Intimate, and Gratifying addresses the psychological concepts and beliefs that foster sexual pleasure, and those that inhibit it. The book is an antidote to today’s graphic, readily available sexual imagery which lacks the necessary context for teaching what it means to be sexually involved with another human being. Rather, it emphasizes that human sexuality involves more than just sex—it involves true sexual intimacy.

More than Just Sex is written in a style that the reader will be able to relate to on a personal and practical level. More than Just Sex doesn’t address the same old “birds and bees” discussion of sexual reproduction that many of us heard in high school and from our parents. This book covers the material that they didn’t teach, how to have greater sexual pleasure and all the aspects that inhibit the experience.