Daniel Beaver, M.S. M.F.T.

Licensed Marriage, Individual and Family Therapist

My goal when working with couples is to help them learn the communicative skills and conflict resolution process that will foster greater emotional and sexual intimacy within their relationship.

When I work with individuals I try to help them achieve their therapeutic goals and discover how to overcome the blocks that prevent them from having fulfilling personal lives.

My approach to the therapeutic process is based on the belief that people can change their attitudes and behavior to make their lives more fulfilling regardless of their age or gender.

The key to success for my patients is finding the desire or motivation to make changes required to improve their relationships, and learn how to do things differently. My aim is to encourage my patients to find ways to apply these changes and transform their relationship.

My style of therapy is direct as opposed to passive. I am more interested in showing patients how to make things better then spending a lot of time analyzing the reasons why they are engaging in a particular behavior.


I submit claims to my patients’ insurance companies for reimbursement for my services. Most PPO policies provide some coverage for my services, but many HMO polices don’t; check with your insurance provider or company plan to see what they cover. Patients pay for my services at the time of the appointment, and any monies collected from the insurance company are then refunded or applied to the patient’s account.


To schedule an appointment, click on and select at least two time options. You will receive a response confirming your appointment time via email. My usual fee is $150 per hour.

My appointments are Monday through Friday.

Therapeutic Approach Specialties
  • » Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • » Family/Marital Therapy
  • » Sexual Therapy
  • » Eclectic Approach
  • » Marriage and relationship issues
  • » Individual therapy
  • » Separation /Divorce issues
  • » Issues related to extramarital affairs/loss of trust and recovery.
  • » Sexual problem (frequency, lack of desire and Other related issues)
  • » Depression
  • » Anxiety or fears
  • » Addictions
  • » Parenting